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"This summer I had the opportunity to travel with Youth For Christ to Cornerstone festival and Montreal and I have to say it has been the best summer I have ever had.

Growing up I wasn’t raised as a Christian, my parents deemed my choice of religion to be at my own discretion as a grew older. You could say I had always believed in God, my parents made sure they educated me in the belief of God and creation. However, God was never really a priority for me and I didn’t know that much about him.

As I started to get older I had maintained relationships with God unsteadily from the age of thirteen on. I started to get in touch with him; Went to Church and youth group and I sometimes even prayed. As everyone knows… With the advances of our adolescence there is the advance of teenage problems. That of which caused me to grow apart from God, I was so far gone from him until this year when a friend had informed me about Cornerstone Festival. This really intrigued me; There was an amazing opportunity to listen to some great music and travel. My two favourite things to do… Who would have known I would have found God again?

With hard work and preparation I was able to go to Cornerstone to work as a volunteer.

At Cornerstone I was able to register bands and campers, paint faces, listen to great music and reunite with God. Words cannot express how it felt to be one with him again. I remember the exact moment that it hit me; Rhonda and I went to the praise and worship session in one of the tents in the evening featuring the band Illuminate. Everyone’s hands were up the air reaching out to God and then all of the sudden I felt mine go up. It was as if he lifted me up, like a reflex. It was so sudden and it scared me a little, but it felt so right. Nothing in my life could possibly measure up to the feeling of him reaching out to me and that made things different from then on.

Of  course when I came home I came down from that high, as life wasn’t surrounded with him things went back to they were before.
However, there was an opportunity to go to Montreal for a mission trip with six other individuals. Not only was it a chance to rekindle my relationship with God again but it was a chance to do something for him. I remember one time specifically when Andrea and I were handing out sandwiches that we had made to homeless people on the street. There was a man in a wheelchair with a coffee cup for panhandling; at first I was reluctant to approach these people as I was afraid to offend them. But with the encouragement of Andrea I went. We approached this man and offered him two sandwiches and he took them and was very thankful. We had really done something for this man, the appreciation in his words overthrew me and I knew it was God at his work firsthand."




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