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I was a troubled teen who was heavily into drugs, alcohol, sex and physically harming myself by cutting my body with anything I could find. I desperately wanted to stop doing these things, I just didnít know how to. In the long run, YFC helped me get rid of all that.

Some of my friends wanted me to come and hang out at this place called the Back Alley. When I first walked in I thought it was lame; yes, there was a lot of things to do, but there was no alcohol and that is what I did all the time was drink. I slowly got more involved, I started going to the Back Alley every weekend realizing that you donít have to drink to have a good time. I really liked talking to the people that worked there. I could list the names of every person who helped me along my journey but there isnít enough room on this paper. They showed me that there is more to life than just the here and now, they told me that my life had a purpose and that God would do amazing things in my life if I would just let him in. Let me tell you something, they were totally right, I gave up myself to God and he has made an amazing transformation. Yes, I have slipped and fallen away from God, but I am back and here to stay.

I am excited to see what God has in store for me.  God transformed me from being a girl who would sing songs about the devil, into a girl who now sings on the worship team and does specials in church. He has changed me from being angry and suicidal into someone who is full of life and loves everyone.

Now I look around and I see my old self in some of these teenagers today, I see the anger, the pain and the hurt in their eyes and I try to help them by sharing of my life and how I overcame all of those obstacles in the road.

If I didnít go to the Back Alley and meet the people at YFC, I donít know where my life would be now.  So thank you Jesus for using the staff at YFC to save lives. And thank you YFC, youíre the best.




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